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International Union of Operating Engineers

We are the largest supplier of trained, qualified heavy equipment operators, mechanics and support personnel in Connecticut. We have been providing our members with high paying jobs and benefits, and meeting contractors staffing needs for over 100 years.

We welcome questions and all concerns from those interested in pursuing careers as a heavy equipment operator.  If you wish to talk to a representative about joining our union, Local 478, please click on the button "Join Local 478".  If you want to know what your rights are under the Connecticut Prevailing Wage Law, we have a section devoted to explaining the law and a listing of the prevailing wage rates. If you are interested in our training and apprenticeship programs, please visit that section of our site.

Contractors or other employers wishing to hire from our pool of qualified, trained, experienced members may contact any of our Business Agents listed in our staff directory. They will meet with you and explain all of the benefits of  being able to hire your workers from our hiring hall.

Craig Metz
Business Manager Local 478

Why Join Local 478

Union heavy equipment operators are among the highest paid trades people in the construction industry, with superior benefits including family health, an annuity, a pension and supplemental unemployment benefits. Click for more...

Why Sign Up Your Company

Signatory employers have access to various benefits including: our state of the art training facility in Meriden CT, access to our State certified Heavy Equipment Operator and Mechanic Apprentice programs. Click for more...

Project Labor Agreements

Local 478 recognizes the value of a Project Labor Agreement (PLAs) or Community Workforce Agreements. These agreements are pre-negotiated, pre-hire collective bargaining agreements that determine working conditions and standards. Click for more...

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Life Events

How your coverage is affected when you experience certain “life events” and what you must do to make sure you get the most from your coverage.

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