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What is an Operating Engineer?

Operating Engineers work on construction projects. We do roadwork, build bridges and buildings, do land clearing, install natural gas pipelines, work in quarries and more.
We represent the OPERATORS who run the equipment used in construction such as bulldozers, backhoes, forklifts, pavers, cranes and the MECHANICS who fix and maintain heavy equipment. We are also represent the SURVEYORS on these jobs.

What’s the starting rate for Apprentices?

Operators 60% Journeyman Rate

Mechanics 70% Journeyman Rate

How much does the training cost?

Any training you receive at the school is free, any cost for any State of Connecticut testing or licensing is at students expense (i.e. CDL permit fees, crane exam fees, hoisting licensing fee, etc)

Is there an application fee?


What’s on the aptitude test?

Mechanical Aptitude, Google online

Do you have study material for the aptitude test?

No we do not supply study material

How often do you come in for training after the 6 weeks?

Average 2 Saturdays a month and 2 nights a month

Can I apply if I have a criminal record?


Can I use my GI Bill benefits?

Yes if approved

Do I get paid for apprentice training?

No, you do not get paid for SRT while an apprentice.

As an apprentice, once you are placed with a contractor, you will begin to collect wages and benefits for OJT.

Why become an Operating Engineer?

Good Wages, Great Health Benefits, Pension, Career

Can I take training if I am not a member, or in a different union?

No.  Training is FREE TO MEMBERS of LOCAL 478 and selected apprentices.


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