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Health Fund

Did you know?

What if I am injured or ill to the extent that I cannot work for an extended period of time?

Contact the Fund Office immediately. You may qualify for the Health Fund's weekly disability benefit. You should be aware that Members cannot receive disability benefits and SUB at the same time as SUB requires that you are available and physically capable of accepting work in covered employment. In addition, you may be eligible for a limited amount of Pension credit. 

If I am unemployed for a long period, how will I know if my health benefits are running out?

If your eligibility terminates, possibly because of a long gap in employment, the Fund Office will notify you within approximately 7-10 days. You can view the hours paid in on your behalf and your health benefit eligibility on the Member's Only section of this Web site. 


If you are an Active Member and become unemployed, thereby losing your eligibility, you are eligible to pay for extended medical coverage at a reduced rate through our COBRA plan.-

General Information

If you are an Active Member or Retired Member of Local 478 and meet the Plan eligibility rules, you have excellent in-network medical benefits through an arrangement with Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield. You have comprehensive dental, behavioral health, prescription drug and vision coverage through various specialty networks. Because our Plan utilizes the Anthem BCBS Network, you have access to their website, which has a variety of tools to help you manage your health. All you have to do is go to their website www.anthem.com register in the top right hand corner and select a username and password.We manage our costs to provide a high level of benefits primarily through discount agreements with network providers. With the exception of behavioral health and prescription drugs, you can usually make an appointment with an in-network practitioner without prior approval. The current co-pay for most in-network physician visits is $25, regardless of the amount the physician charges. Out-of-network medical benefits are available on an 80/20 basis after you satisfy an annual $200 deductible.

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