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The Davis Vision Program is a network of private doctors that provides routine eye exams and eyeglasses in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York and Rhode Island.

Davis provides eye exams and glasses, including a select group of frames, for little or no out-of-pocket expense. You may be responsible for co-pays if you select certain optional lenses or coatings (i.e. $30 for polycarbonate lenses). Active and retired participants have a $25 co-pay for contact lenses.

We encourage you to minimize your costs by going to a Davis Vision provider whenever possible. Out-of-network exams and eyewear costs are paid according to a relatively modest set fee schedule. This is considered our Indemnity Plan, which pays up to 100% of the allowed amounts for an eye exam and one pair of prescription glasses OR contact lenses.  You may use any vision provider you choose under the Indemnity Plan benefit.

The program provides one vision exam and eyewear purchase each year for participants who are under the age of 13 as of January 1, and one vision exam and eyewear purchase every other year for those who are over 13 as of January 1.

To find a Davis Vision Program provider, call toll-free 800-999-5431 or visit their Web site at www.davisvision.com.