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If you are an Active Member and become unemployed, thereby losing your eligibility, you are eligible to pay for extended medical coverage at a reduced rate through our COBRA plan. Our COBRA plan provides medical, behavioral health, prescription drug, dental and vision benefits. There is no coverage for the Member's death benefit/accidental death benefit or weekly disability under COBRA plan.
We offer COBRA for individuals, two-person families or families with three or more members. We will send you and your family a COBRA notice once your regular benefit eligibility is terminated due to insufficient hours. If a participant's status changes because of divorce or because a child is no longer considered eligible (i.e. reached age 26), you must notify the Fund Office within 60 days to qualify for COBRA coverage.

New Cobra Rates Effective January 1, 2022

Active COBRA

Individual $330

Two-Person $655

Family $985


Active Widow COBRA Extension beyond 36 Months

Individual $490

Two-Person $995

Family $1,500


Retiree COBRA

Individual Pre-Medicare $790

Individual Med Supplement $240


Members who lose regular Fund coverage have the right to "convert" their prior life insurance coverage under the Fund (which was provided through an insurance company, Metlife) to an individual policy. This right only deals with life insurance; members do not have the ability to elect to continue coverage for Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) or Weekly Disability benefits. Members who exercise their conversion right must pay the full cost of their life insurance coverage to Metlife. No proof of good health is required, but Metlife will determine the premium amount. To take advantage of this conversion members must notify Metlife in writing within 31 days of the date on which you lost regular Fund coverage. Members who are interested in converting their group coverage to individual coverage should write to the address below within the 31-day deadline, state that they wish to exercise their conversion right, and reference Policyholder: International Union of Operating Engineers Local No. 478

Group Life Claims
PO Box 6100
Scranton, PA 18505-6100

Metlife's telephone number for assistance is 1-877-275-6387.