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Did you know?

Can I collect SUB if I worked one day in that week?

If eligible, you may collect a SUB check if you work only one day out of any given week that falls within the SUB Fund Benefit Year. In addition to being paid for one day of work, you may also receive holiday pay during that same week and still qualify for SUB. Please note that a copy of your pay stub may be required.

Can I collect SUB while on a Workman's Compensation claim or called to Active Military Duty?

In order to collect SUB, you must be available for work. If you are released for light duty work and are receiving a state unemployment check, you may be eligible for benefits. An otherwise eligible participant who did not collect SUB benefits during a benefit year solely because he or she was receiving workers compensation benefits, performing military service or performing work as a temporary organizer, may carry over the SUB benefit weeks which were lost to the Benefit Year immediately following the benefit year in which the participant was on worker's compensation benefits or in the military. You should always call the SUB Fund with any carryover question. 

General Information

The Supplemental Unemployment Benefits (SUB) Fund was established in 1967 in recognition of the often sporadic nature of employment in our industry. It provides unemployment benefits to those members who work i.e. under the Heavy & Highway, Surveyor and Building contracts. Members who perform work under the Plant, Permanent Shop and Equipment Dealer contracts receive vacation pay in lieu of SUB.

You should always file your SUB claim within 30 days (from the pay date of your state benefit), even if you are not sure whether it will be paid. If, for example, your employer is delinquent and you do not currently have enough hours to be eligible for SUB, provided you file your claims on a timely basis, we will honor them when your employer remits the hours.

The Board of Trustees determines the amount of SUB Fund benefits at the beginning of each SUB Fund Benefit Year. The 2020-2021 SUB Benefit year begins with week ending November 7, 2020 and runs through April 24, 2021. The weekly benefit amount will be $155.00.

The website address where you can retrieve your documentation for the SUB office is: www.filectui.com   Click on "Unemployment Benefits", then click on "on-line services", then "file a weekly continued claim online". You will need your social security number and the 4 digit pin number that you use when you file you claim. We will (only) accept the "Continued Claim Inquiry" and the "Payment History" (we cannot accept bank statements or bank account print outs)