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The 2022-2023 SUB "Benefit Year" will begin with week ending November 14, 2022, and run through week ending April 28, 2023, and the weekly SUB benefit amount will be $155. The first SUB benefit check of the new Benefit Year may be issued as early as Monday November 14, 2022. As in prior years, the Health Fund's Trustees will continuously monitor the Health Fund's income and expenses with respect to any SUB benefits provided by the Health Fund.

Participants whose employers have paid contributions with respect to SUB benefits - as opposed to normal Health Fund contributions -- for outside work (not in Quarries, Plants or Permanent Shops) from October 1, 2021 through September 30, 2022, and are involuntarily unemployed, may be eligible for up to 25 weeks of SUB benefits.

Subject to the other rules explained both in the Summary Plan Description (SPD) and the Eligibility Letter sent annually by the Fund Office to those individuals that may be eligible for benefits, there are two steps that Participants must complete to ensure eligibility and claim SUB benefits during the new Benefit Year. The 2 steps must be completed in order (both may be completed at the SUB Office at the same time):


A Participant must provide updated registration information (by filling out the 2022-2023 SUB Registration Form or by registering via this website), and the Participant must also submit completed and signed Federal and State Income Tax Withholding (ITW) forms indicating his or her filing status and the number of dependents claimed (only if you are new to Sub or you want to change your tax with holdings).


In order to actually receive one or more SUB benefit checks, a registered Participant must file a claim on a timely basis and provide appropriate proof of Unemployment Compensation eligibility (Payment History or Claim Inquiry only). Registered Participants have a number of options in submitting such proof (mail, fax or e-mail to the SUB Office).

Fax # is: 203-287-8408
E-mail is: subfund@local478.org

If you are a member of Local 478 and have not registered for Sub within the past 3 years we are unable to register you online at this time. In order to register, you must print the Registration and Income Tax Withholding forms shown below, fill them out, and return them to the SUB Fund Office either by mail, fax or by emailing a scanned copy of the forms