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Supplemental Unemployment SPD

Please note that this Summary Plan Description is meant to provide a summary of the Plan as of February 2010. This description is based on the information contained in the actual Plan document, which is a technical legal document. Therefore, if there is any discrepancy between the information contained in this handbook and in the Plan document, the Plan document will always govern. Consistent with applicable law, the Plan and the Fund, and the Supplemental Unemployment Benefits described in this handbook, are subject to amendment and/or termination at any time, as the Board of Trustees may determine in their full and complete discretion. In the event the Plan is significantly amended or modified in the future, you will be provided with a written notice of any changes. You should keep all of these written notices with this handbook. These periodic updates are known as a “Summary of Material Modifications” or “SMM,” and any notice will be labeled as such. 

Download 2010 Supplemental Unemployment Benefits Fund SPD