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The Training Center

The Local 478 Training Center offers 150 courses on subjects from basic blueprint reading to the use of global positioning satellites for members who come from all over Connecticut.

The 13,000 square-foot facility in Meriden was built in 1981. It was recently renovated and includes two classrooms that each accommodate 40 students. It has a 17-station computer lab with internet access for students conducting research.

Local 478 recently added a crane simulator to its extensive line of training tools. This equipment is designed to simulate generic hoists, bridge cranes and mobile hydraulic cranes. In addition to the simulator hardware, the software provides state-of-the-art computer graphics that enable our apprentices to bridge the gap between classroom learning and hands-on training.

In addition, instructors conduct field training for such classes as air conditioning certification and forklift training, usually at a contractor's facility. The center is also developing more online education.

For more information on the Training Center

Contact Glenn J. Carrezola, director of training
240 Cheshire Road
Meriden, CT 06451-5057
Phone: 203-237-3962, ext 12.
The Local 478 Apprenticeship Training and Skill Improvement Center is recognized throughout the region for its innovative training programs in the operation and repair of heavy construction equipment.

Our training mission is to empower our members through training and education with the knowledge and technical ability necessary to perform as leaders in their given craft.

Eligibility and Cost
Training classes are available only to members of Local 478 and are free of charge to those eligible. Information about restrictions on eligibility should be listed or linked here