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200 turn out for 30th anniversary of L’Ambiance tragedy 04/25/2017

BRIDGEPORT — It’s probably safe to say that if you were in or around Bridgeport on Thursday, April 23, 1987, at 1:36 p.m., you remember where and when you were when you first heard of the L’Ambiance Plaza collapse, the worst construction accident in Connecticut’s history, instantly claiming the lives of 28 workers.For thousands living, working and going to school within a half-mile radius of the lift-slab collapse, the news was announced by the shaking of ground followed by the rumble of huge prestressed concrete slabs pancaking on top of one another.Then there was silence, a “deafening silence,” as recalled by the Rev. Michael A. Boccaccio who, in 1987, was assigned to St. Augustine’s Cathedral, which became a source of comfort to the scores of people left adrift by the loss. The cathedral, and its school, Kolbe Cathedral High, were less than 200 yards from the disaster and its acres of twisted beams and broken concrete.It was in Kolbe’s gymnasium where scores of famil

Officials send $1 million Portland sidewalk repair project back to committee 04/24/2017

PORTLAND >> The Board of Selectmen moved closer Wednesday to choosing an option for improvements to local sidewalks. The selectmen weighed which of two options to commit to but then stopped just short of actually making a decision. That, in turn, could push back the start date for work on the much-delayed sidewalk repair initiative until next year The selectmen have $1 million that can be used for sidewalk repair. “I know it’s only $1 million, and it’s not ‘sexy’ like Parks and Rec. But it’s still important,” Selectman Michael Pelton said. The $1 million was part in a $10 million bond issue that was approved by residents at a referendum last year. Director of Public Works Richard D. Kelsey has pushed for action on sidewalk repairs for a decade. “I can’t do much more,” he told the selectmen. “I’ve given you all the information I can.”  “Now you need to provide me with more direction,” Kelsey said.He proposed two options.The first would extend sid

New London’s RCDA has hotel, three other proposals in the works 04/21/2017

New London — The Renaissance City Development Association announced Thursday it had received a good faith $10,000 deposit and signed a commitment to negotiate with the developer looking to build a hotel on the Fort Trumbull peninsula.It was one highlight of a year that RCDA President Linda Mariani said is showing great economic development promise for the city.“These are very exciting times for development in the city,” she said.The RCDA also is close to signing a contract for the $40 million Shipway 221 condominium complex off Howard Street, negotiating with a developer with plans for a 90-100 unit apartment complex at the corner of Howard and Bank streets and is in preliminary talks with a startup company interested in building an aquaponics farm outside Fort Trumbull State Park.The hotel news was announced at the RCDA’s annual meeting held in a conference room at Fort Trumbull State Park and attended by Massachusetts hotel owner Jay Patel.Patel