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Bond Commission Poised To Approve Over $1 Billion In Borrowing 11/22/2017

HARTFORD, CT — One of the consequences of not having a budget for four months was an inability to put anything on the state’s credit card. Now that the state has a budget, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy is proposing $1.07 billion in bonding to be approved at a special meeting next week. The Dec. 8 meeting was canceled and a special meeting will be held Wednesday, Nov. 29, instead. Administration officials said the delay in passing a budget has held up critical infrastructure projects and slowed certain parts of the economy, such as the construction trades.Earlier this year, Malloy had initially planned to borrow about $2.7 billion, however, the newly passed state budget included a $2 billion cap. Bonding $1.07 billion next Wednesday will bring the total amount of general obligation bonding for the calendar year up to $1.94 billion, which is $58.7 million shy of the new cap.“With this agenda, the state is committing its support to essential economic development, housing, school constructio

Dan Haar: It’s makeup time for FuelCell bids 11/21/2017

Lots of people in Danbury, Torrington and all around the FuelCell universe were hopping mad at the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection at this time last year.Now it’s makeup time — maybe.Danbury-based FuelCell Energy Inc. was iced out of the state’s huge bid awards for long-term renewable energy contracts in October and November of 2016. Of 29 projects selected, 21 were in solar and eight were in wind power.How many fuel-cell winners in the state that has invested tens of millions in that industry? Zippo.The timing couldn’t have been worse, as FuelCell had committed to expand its Torrington factory and hoped to boost its payroll from 600 to 900, with a big aid package from the state. Instead the publicly traded company laid off 97, in part because of the hometown snub. Give the folks at DEEP credit. They listened. They supported and helped shape a law, pushed by Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and sponsored by the top legislative leaders, giving fuel cell technology a

Hartford Seeks Bids For Development Around Dunkin' Donuts Park 11/20/2017

City leaders issued a call Monday for developers to erect a new neighborhood north of downtown that links Hartford’s North End to its sweeping urban core along Main Street, and includes the city’s minor league ballpark as a centerpiece.This is the second time Hartford officials have sought developers for the vacant land, which is composed of 32 properties across four parcels near the corner of Main and Trumbull streets. The project was previously awarded to Centerplan Construction Co. and DoNo Hartford, which had planned to build housing, office space and retail — including a grocery store — at the site, along with the new baseball stadium. But the developers were fired from the ballpark project last year after they missed two key deadlines to complete the facility. Centerplan has sued Hartford for wrongful termination, claiming the city made dozens of changes that caused the developers to miss the deadlines. Arch Insurance, which guaranteed completion of the stadium, brokered